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Wonga Beach

Not only has this place got an awesome name but it is also pretty spectacular in terms of its location, activities and beauty. Situated near Trinity Bay, it is one of the few beaches in the area not to be overrun by tourists and can give you a real feeling of being the only ones left in the world. The beach is beautifully outlined by Coconut palms and luscious vegetation. By exploring the beach you will come across a number of points of interest such as the lighthouse and Island Point, which is home to Port Douglas and its harbour. Wonga beach is continuously hailed as the best beach in the area for long scenic and relaxing walks due to its stunning views and ease of accessibility. It is the perfect place for those wanting a relaxing holiday with clear waters and golden beaches, with adventure in the form of the rainforest just around the corner.


Districts of Wonga Beach

The mountain ranges

Alexandra Range, named after the princess who married the Prince of Wales is a breathtaking site. The range itself has been completely taken over by the rainforest just like the Dagma range, names after Alexandra's sister which is situated just behind Wonga beach. The two mountainous areas are located either side of the spectacular Daintree Valley.


The Daintree river and rainforest are quite rightfully listed as a world heritage site. The friendly local community welcome visitors to take a variety of different tours and treks though the rainforest, these include Scenic day tours, Wildlife Experience, Night tours and River cruises to name but a few. All the tours are run by trained guides who know the area better than anyone else. They offer such a large range of activities that getting bored is out of the question. The guides are able to tailor the tours to you and what you experience whilst in the forest. Whether your looking for a strenuous hike or a leisurely walk whilst bird spotting the Daintree rainforest is for you.

Port Douglas

Rent a car and visit the lovely Port Douglas where you can enjoy an array of activities. Take a scenic and peaceful hot air balloon ride over the forest and creek or even have a go a white-water rafting along the river. Port Douglas is home to a fantastic golf course which the men can enjoy while the women pamper themselves at the spa.


Five top attractions of Wonga Beach

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa

The Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa offers a unique experience deep within mother nature. With only 15 houses snuggled up between the trees you will feel like you are in another world. The lodge and spa offers a number of attractions, the most popular being the spa where you can indulge yourself in massages, facials and other treatments. It also offers tours of the areas, a swimming pool and a most interesting Julaymba restaurant and Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Cooper Creek Wilderness

Cooper Creek Wilderness is based at the heart of the rainforest and is an epic example of the sheer power of erosion. The beautiful contrast of coloured rocks and white water makes it a popular tourist attraction. Weaving your way through the closely knitted trees makes any visitor feel like a true explorer. A walk though the forest to the creek offers a truly natural experience which will leave speechless. For a true adventurers night tours are also available.

Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm Tasting Tour

The tour offers an incredible range of delicious and succulent fruit which you can enjoy whilst being told stories about the fruit. Let the experts teach you how to prepare these exotic fruits giving you tips on the best parts to eat and how to eat them. Some of these fruits are so rare that they are only available in the areas that they are grown. Here is the list of fruits that are on offer, with flavours ranging from chocolate pudding to meringue.
Black Sapote
West Indian Lime

The Beach front
The beach is of course one of the areas main attraction. Wonga Beach is the perfect relaxation spot where you can sit back and enjoy sun. The beautiful back drop of the rainforest allows visitors to experience a tranquil setting where they can listen to the sounds of the sea create an inspiring medley with exotic birds songs.

The Bat house

If you fancy something cheap, fun and different visit the Bat house. At only $5 per person to enter the Bat house acts as an orphanage and a Tropical Research Station for bats in the area. They are particular experts in the Flying Fox which they have to rescue annually as they are paralysed by ticks. During your visit you can see and feed the bats and by various bat memorabilia.


10 travel tips for Wonga Beach

The beach is a great place to enjoy a spot of horse riding.
The area is home to 3 important bird species so see if you can spot the Beach Stone Curlews, Double-eyed Fig-Parrots and Gould's Bronze-Cuckoos.
The area is home to a wide choice of accommodation ranging from budget resorts to beach side cabins. To book now click here.
There is a small welcoming church in Upper Daintree.
Just beyond the coast there is a mix of interesting architecture ranging from million dollar homes to rickety fishing shacks.
The area is home to annual festivals which bring vibrant colours and music to the area.
Car rentals are a good option for the explorer, as it will allow you to visit the surrounding areas more easily.
For an entertaining night out visit Jungle Village
Don't miss out on the amazing opportunity to get an ocean tour and visit the Great Barrier Reef.
Keep a look out for the talented local bands.

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