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About Maaseik

Maaseik was founded around the year 1000 when it was lying near the Roman route between the Dutch cities of Maastricht and Nijmegen safe above the valley of the Meuse (Maas). A visit to the city only for historical purposes would already be an experience by itself. Furthermore, Maaseik is a city located in the Belgian province of Limburg, on the river the Maas (Maas), near the Netherlands. The municipality is located in the Flemish part of Belgium and this is one the three official regions of the Kingdom of Belgium.

With its location near the Netherlands and Germany it might also be worth looking around in the surroundings as this would not disappoint you either. Towns near Maaseik such as Maastricht and Valkenburg are very popular. Have you ended up in Maaseik with not that much mobility you might consider doing other activities the city has to offer.

Going to Maaseik for its nightlife is not the best recommendation you can get. However, from a cultural and historical perspective the city and surroundings have much to offer. Do you need some relaxing? Maaseik can be the town that can just give you what you need.



Attractions to see in Maaseik



Since November 2010 the most exciting indoor swimming pool, wellness centre and bowling alley opened its doors. It is also possible to purchase combination tickets on everything they offer. While the children go swimming the parents can be found in the wellness centre; Aquadroom is a pleasure for everyone!



Around the city 12 watermills can be found and they are still in business. Due to the very good shape they are in, they are still able to make flour or saw wood. Be sure to stop by at least one of these watermills as they will take you back in time.



Just across the Dutch border there is the opportunity to go ballooning. Go for a ride in the morning at sunrise or when during sunset at night. Be amazed by the beautiful surroundings Maaseik has. This will be an activity you will not forget soon.


Montfort Castle

In 1260 the prince-bishop of Liege, started building this castle. Through time the castle was used for many purposes but today it serves as an attraction for tourists. During high season, activities are organized to entertain tourists, especially children will have a great experience when visiting this magnificent place.



Within a range of 32 kilometres you can find over 12 museums. The collections of these museums vary from having historical artefacts to flora and fauna exhibits. Be sure to enrich your visit with local knowledge and you will gain a beautiful experience in this beautiful area.



Districts to visit in Maaseik


Maasvallei (Meuse valley)

The Maas is an impressive rain river, which modelled the landscape throughout the centuries creating a versatile and fascinating landscape. In the beginning a criss cross of channels were present. High and low water tides brought a large amount of diversity with them, think of slack, sand, argil, which form the very basis of the flora and fauna in this area. The Maasvallei can not be separated from its rich history. The historical cities and striking villages are strongly intertwined with the past of the Maas. Traditionally the Maasvallei was a trade route with great strategic importance. Some preserved castle bear witness to this.


Hoge Kempen National Park

The Hoge Kempen National Park is the largest woodland in Flanders with more than 5000 ha and it stretches over multiple municipalities. The highest peaks in the park, of a 100 meters high, offer hikers an amazing view. Of course the park has its wild life and many special animals. When hiking, facing a roe is not special and many butterflies bright up every summer day. Are you a person that has a warm heart for nature? In that case you might be interested in using  one of the 36 walking rounds, varying from 3 up to 14 kilometres in length, that will take you around the most remarkable spots. If you are more the person/family that prefers to cycle there is no problem because you are able to discover the park through the cycling route network in the Regional Kempen and Maasvallei landscape. When coming to Maaseik be sure to stop by  the reserves of Maasvallei or the Hoge Kempen National Park.



Maastricht is a town located just across the border in the Netherlands. In the area, this might be one of the best cities to make a trip to. Maastricht, with archaeological finds, may confirm the city is indeed the oldest one in the Netherlands. However Maastricht belongs to one of the oldest cities of the country with much history. Maastricht is known for its picturesque squares, romantic streets, and historical buildings. Since 1976 the University of Maastricht was founded and there is an increasing population of international students in the city. Are you looking for a place to party ? This city has great places to go, just follow the lead of many students. Do not visit this city only for its historical aspect but also for the cultural experience it offers i.e. With a well known theatre at Maastricht’s best known square the Vrijthof.



10 Maaseik travel tips



As Maaseik is a great town to spent your holidays, you should arrange some way of transport to check out the surroundings as well. Perhaps a quick visit to the Netherlands or even Germany.


Bike rental

When on budget or if you prefer an outdoor activity you might want to go for renting a bike. Go for trips along river the Maas (Meuse) and explore the nature all around you.



The “Drielandenpunt” is the highest point of the Netherlands. It is also the point where Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands come together. With a tower of 323m above ground you can look over the territory of three nations.



Is a museum that dates back to the 17th century. This regional archaeological museum shows the oldest apothecary’s shop in Belgium.


Boat trip to Thorn or Stevensweert (the Netherlands)

When going to Maaseik you do not want to miss the beauty of the lakes of Marec. This is a good idea for a day trip. The boat you will be on is a unique that departs from the De Spaanjaard.


Golf course

Near Maaseik in the town called Weert there is a 18-hole Golf and Country club. Are you the kind of person that likes a good game of golf. Be sure to stop by and fill you afternoon with this relaxing sport.


Church of St Catharine

The church of St. Catharine is the oldest preserved Anglo-Saxon fabrics within Europe with many religious artifacts that are displayed inside. Go for a cultural/historical experience and be amazed by its beauty.



The Heppeneert is a regional pilgrimage site that is quite popular and is considered to be a must seen if you come to Maaseik. For example you will see the Church of St. Gertrude with an attractive park next to it.



Hotel Kasteel Wurfeld *** is an impressive castle hotel that dates back to the year 1640 with an modern interior. With not only a very good location, there is a 2-5 hectare park where the two of you can spend some quality time.


Euroscoop Maasmechelen

This would be the local cinema showing the most recent movies. In Belgium all movies are shown in their original language. The movies will have subtitles to Flemish but the overall language will be English, meaning it will be understandable for almost everyone.



Fun and facts about Maaseik


The name Maaseik consists of Maas and Eik. Maas relates to the river the Maas (Meuse) and Eik relates to the tree the Oak referring to the many Oaks.


Population: 24,570 (1 January 2010) - 319 inhabitants/km²
Males: 50.16%
Females 49.84%


Area: 76.91 km²


Unemployment rate 8.81%


Mean annual income €12,020/persons (2003)


The city originally had 16 watermills and twelve of them are still in use.


The oldest Gospel book of the Benelux can be found in the Museactron.



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