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Visé - the city of the Goose (La cité de l'oie)


On the right bank of the Meuse river, close to the Belgian-Dutch border you will find a charming spot. We’re talking about Visé, a beautiful Walloon city, which is located in the province of Liège. The eponymous town is the third largest one in Belgium. The population of the province of Liège is of French and German ethnicity. Since Visé is enriched in history, being a once fortified town in 1330 and destroyed during World War I, history-loving travellers are welcome to visit this beautiful Belgian spot with its population of approximately 17.000 people. Also known as Vise and Wezet in Dutch, the city of Visé is the only French-speaking municipality of Wallonia, which has a border to the Netherlands. Belgium has three official languages. In the north, people speak Dutch, the South they speak French and there also is a German community to the East. The reason for the French influence on Belgium is that during the French Revolution, the country was invaded by Napoleon’s army. Moreover the city of Visé is not far away from Liège and Maastricht. The Goose town is also home to a Belgian football club C.S. Visé (Cercle Sportif Visé), which plays its home matches at Stade de la Rue de Mons in Visé. Since the the city has got the nickname of "La cité de l'oie", the football team is also called "Les Oies" or the geese. Thanks to the fact that Belgium is at a crossroads of Europe and has witnessed a constant flow of various different cultures, the country is characterized by a mix of traditions and customs. This is represented by the city of the Goose, Visé. Therefore both, Belgium and Visé will bid their travellers a warm welcome.



Since 1976 Visé has consisted of former municipalities Cheratte, Richelle, Lixhe, Lanaye, Argenteau.
The two most interesting ones for travellers are:
Cheratte which is well-known as the village of drawers, artists and coal mining.
Richelle which is definitely popular for its hiking routes. Travellers love to head for the Santiagoroute dag 2 , Visé-Odeur. If you're planning your trip to Belgium, you will probably be searching for a place to stay, so find your Hotel in Visé!




Saints-Martin-et-Hadelin is a church which was founded in 780. Several times the church was destroyed, for example by German troops in 1925. In 1914 it was even burnt down and rebuilt afterwards. However it is worth visiting thanks to its artistic treasures. The heart of the church is indeed the choir which dates back to 1500. Check this holy place out if you’re interested in witnessing the contemporary  monks of Saint Hadelin, who lived in Visé at that time.

Gilden museum is located in the city of Visé. It is about the three shooting guilds which maintain their own museums. Sometimes the museums are even opened on Sundays especially in summer. For some interesting information about the city, history-loving people should visit the Gilden museum and let themselves get impressed by the special exhibits which the museum features.

Musée Curtius (Curtius Museum) The Curtius Museum is dedicated to decorative arts and archaelogy and is considered to be the “major heritage” of Wallonia. This is definitely a good reason for travellers to add this place to their travel trip list if visiting the city of Visé. It is housed in a brick building which dates back to the 17th century and hosts massive exhibitions, check it out yourself! If you want to experience Liege’s rich history, the Curtius Museum might be the best place to visit.

The Chateau d’ Aigremont is situated on the left bank of the Meuse around 10 miles away from the city of Liège. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful castle with over 1.000 delft tiles and stunning Italian style paintings.

The Perron Fountain (Le Peron) the Perron Fountain symbolizes freedom and is a Belgian landmark and an important monument in the Province of Liège. The present “symbol of freedom” had been once demolished, but rebuilt in 1697 by Jean Delcour. It is located in the centre's city market.

Chateau de Jehay is a beautiful castle which can be found in the nearby city of Liège. Escape from every day life and visit this “witness” of former times. Ringed by moats the impressive and imposing castle appears exceptional thanks to its magnificent architecture. The former residence of Belgian nobleness welcomes its visitors. Entering the building you will be immersed into the world of art and the refinement of the building style of that time. Discover the famous, beautiful furnishings and features inside the Chateau de Jehay, for example the silverware, ceramics, paintings and much more. Welcome your highness!


Is there something special you can do in Vise or its nearby city Liege? (travel tips)

Usually, people visiting the region of Wallonia, stick more to Liege than to Vise but there are a lot of activities and things to do, which you can discover in city of the Goose , Vise.

Carnival of the Geese is a festival which is rich in folklore. It represents Belgiums’ vibrant cultural heritage and active life rhythm. The Carnival commemorates the legend of 1334, when the geese of Vise were searching for food and made it possible for the besiegers to enter the city by chewing up the bots of the gates. That’s why the community of the Goose celebrates this legend in an artistic way.

Honda Minbikes Meeting Adventure-seeking bikers watch out! You should not miss taking part to the annual meeting of Honda bikers with their bikes and replicas. It takes place on a small isle called Robinson Isle, which is near the center of the city of Vise, Belgium. The event kicks off with a karaoke party in a local bar and ends with a “beauty contest” for the bikes.

Liege center Nature lovers and shopping queens, watch out! The center of Liege is well-known for its vibrant city atmosphere. It is known as a green city, thanks to its wide range offer of parks and public gardens. The dynamic commercial center of the city features an amazing pedestrian area with a lot of great shopping streets.


Hungry? Then check out the following locations!

There is varity of restaurants and local cuisine in Vise.

Pam-Pam If you want to enjoy some delicious local ice-cream, milk-shakes, beverages, salads and much more, just head for the “Pam-Pam”, which is located in the city in the Avenue du pont 27, 4600 Vise.
Coté sud Restaurant If you want to enjoy some Mediterranean cuisine, the Coté sud Restaurant might be the right place to head for. It is located Rue des Francs Arquebusiers, 11 at the Place Reine Astrid, 12.
Café des Arbalétriers Visé is located in Haute 46, 4600 Visé. Immerse yourself in the Belgian coffee world of the city of Vise. Enjoy!


Fun facts about Belgium

-The world's biggest chocolate selling point is Brussels National Airport.
-Possession of up to 3 grammes of cannabis is legal in Belgium..
-Europe's tallest man is Belgian (Alain Delaunois, 2.30m~7,5 feet)

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