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With 8200 inhabitants Dryanovo is the cultural and administrative centre of 62 small villages that build the Municipality of Dryanovo. It is one of the smallest towns in this area which is part of the region of Gabrovo. Situated in the centre of the Fore-Balkan Mountains, the whole area has a beautiful relief that spans from 180 to 640 meters above the sea level, while Dryanovo lies on a height of 270 meters, surrounded by deciduous forests and split in half by the Dryanovska River, which is an branch of the Yantra River. Just about 19 miles away from Veliko Tarnovo, which is the biggest city in the area, and just about 17 km away from Tryavna – an important centre for typical Bulgarian architecture. The whole area between the bigger cities is laced with small villages. You will meet friendly and welcoming people and no matter which personal motives led you to the idea of travelling – think about something inconvenient and visit Dryanovo.
You can reach the town easily by using the main railway which connects south and north Bulgaria or you can use a car. The highway Route between Veliko Tarnovo and Grabrovo will lead you easily to this beautiful place. The quality standard of the hotels in Dryanovo improved intensively in the last years and the whole region opened more for tourism. If you want to be sure that you will find the right stay for you, just click on Hotel in Dryanovo.
Visit the “town of centenarians” and live long and in prosper!


Attractions in Dryanovo

The Clock Tower of Dryanovo

Built in 1778 this beautiful construction is based on a four sided cube, each side 5 meters long. The original building has been partly rebuild in 1883. Especially the new mechanism of the big tower clock has been build with specific attention. The masters Hristo Vasilev and Gencho Kolev designed a new one, which was integrated in the old tower. But the tower wasn’t renewed in it’s basic structure, and 1945 it tumbled down. Because of the special meaning which the tower had for the people of Dryanovo it was rebuilt on a different place in 1984. Iliya Kovachev, who is in the group of masters and who won the golden belt, repaired the preserved mechanism.

The Lafchieva House

This amazing and absolutely unique building is a national cultural monument and has been intended completely out of wood by Kolyu Gaidardjiyata around 1840 without using a single nail. The Lafchieva house has three floors with different utilizations. In the basement. For example you can find shops and storehouses. The outstanding second floor builds balconies. There are many things to see and much more to marvel at. It is an impressive construction, which shows the perfection of the local builders in the typical building type. You will find uncountable decorations and special ideas of the masters creative power.

Bacho Kiro cave- Dryanovo monastery

The region of Dryanovo Monastery has some special surprises for you. The Bacho Kiro cave is an amazing place and famous for the corpus of finds that have been made here. Just about 300 meters away from the monastery "St. Archangel Michael", an English cave-expedition found in 1938 the oldest relics of a cave bear in it, which you can see nowadays in the British Museum.
The cave is about 1.8 million years old, and is formed in four storeys with more than 3 ½ km long laterals and became a world natural heritage in 1962. The water of the old Dryanovo River cleaved through the rocks and it’s drops sculpted the beautiful stalagmites, and stalactites that you can see in countless forms. Visit the cave all year lomg between 10am and 4pm in guided groups to get the most of it.

Dryanovo Monastery St. Archangel Michael

Close to the famous Bacho Kiro cave you will find the breathtaking monastery of Dryanovo, called St. Archangel Michael. This place will capture you with its unique aura and no matter if you open or close your eyes – you will see the beauty that surrounds you. Founded in the last 12th and early 13th century, this magical location has been a long time witness of Bulgaria’s History. The monastery was burned and rebuild, demolished and rebuild several times and was home for up to 500 monks. They collected their knowledge in the giant library, which was burned down in the battles around the monastery in 1876. A group of 195 Bulgarian die-hards under the command of Bacho Kiro and Pop Hariton used the complex to fight against 5000 Turkish warriors. The small group resisted for 9 days, until the half of them found death in the fights while the rest could escape. A heroic and patriotic place, which is flooded with harmony and peace nowadays.

Historical Museum and Retro Photo Work Shop

In 2004 the Historical Museum of Dryanovo opened The Retro Photo Work Shop, where visitors can get a deeper sight into the material culture of the people from the region. You can find it in the Lafchieva House in the daily opening times between 8am and 12am then 1pm and 5pm. Dress in traditional clothes of the region in front of detailed interior and exterior backgrounds and make a picture with your own camera or ask the professional photographer to make the picture for a small fee.


10 travel tips for Dryanovo

1.Visit the medieval fortresses "Grada"
2.Visit the medieval fortresses "Boruna"
3.Visit the medieval fortresses "Lipovo gradishte"
4. Walk along from Dryanovo Monastery to the village of Ritya to the village of Peyna and the village of Kalomen. Don’t forget a break under a century old oak tree. You can book a guided tour, which will last 6 hours.
5. Walk along the Dryanovo Eco Trail, which was established in 2000.
6. Visit Dryanovo’s waterfalls
7. Take a look at the Museum’s exhibition "Archeology and Revival”
8. Walk along the Eco-trail "Via Ferrata” starting at Dryanovo Monastery
9. Don’t forget to visit Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo.
10.These towns will give you an impression how cultural assemblage points can look like.


Fun and facts about Dryanovo

In the late 19th century, Dryanovo was the first city in Bulgaria to import an umbrella.

Have you heard about the little dog Mima? Her paws were cut of for no reason in an old neighbourhood-conflict. Today her face is a of hope for change in Bulgarian laws.

When you travel to Grabovo – don’t forget to visit the Museum House of Humor and Satire (MHHS)! 

Find your ideal Hotel in Dryanovo and enjoy your stay!

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