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Golden Sands


About Golden Sands

Golden Sands is a hollyday-resort-town located in the south-west Black Sea. Like the English name of the little Town, this place is international and invites people from all over the world, but especially Europe. You will meet people from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, Italy, France and Bulgaria of course. The concentration on tourism in this area brings almost all the income and more than 80 hotels try to give you a perfect service.

Bulgaria still has to fight against prejudices and wants to overturn them. While big parts of the country have never been touched by the feet of tourists, Golden Sands is on the way to become the Mallorca of eastern Europe. It succeeded to become a destination of choice, but you will still have an amazing value for your money. Build along the coast road with a length from about one mile, you will find many shops, restaurants, stalls and bars.

This first-class resort is perfect for younger party people, but also for families with children.
Golden Sands is just about 8 miles north-west of Varna, which is the second largest City of Bulgaria. That is where your flight should go to, if you want to experience the crystal-clear Black Sea. Especially the view from one of the balconies of the Hotels in Golden Sands is breathtaking.
The Hotels are build in the idyllic coastal forest.

Attractions in Golden Sands

The next big City to Golden Sands: Varna

The second biggest city of Bulgaria is just 20 minutes away. Especially if you want to explore the Bulgarian history, you can grab the opportunity there. The Varna Archaeological Museum is a must-see and keeps treasures, that has been so famous in old days that there are songs about it. For example the Gold of Varna is in the exhibition, which is known as the oldest gold ever found. But there is much more refreshing and amazing stuff to see! Varna rules!

The Night-Life in Golden Sands:

When you want to party – you don’t need to search for it. It’s everywhere along the seaside. You can party all night and go to bed, when other people wake up. There always is an after-hour and you don’t need to sleep – if you don’t want to. But be careful! The days are very hot in the summer and the sea is warm. Don’t fall asleep in the sun and don’t go into the sea, when you are drunken. Try to stay on the right way – then you will have the perfect surrounding to live your life free and you will find whatever you want.


When you want to travel a little further you could find the Kamchia-Resort about 35 km south of Golden Sands. In this area you can feel free to relax, enjoy and undress! While you can follow interests in many different kinds of sport, this is a excellent spot for those, that feel satisfied in the free nature. This paradise from primitive times, that seems to be without changes since the last dinosaurs have left footprints, combines green forests, the beautiful edges of the quiet Kamchia-River and the wide beach of the Black Sea and is also known as the most beautiful nudist-camp in Bulgaria and one of the most romantic places of the whole country.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin:

Once you are in Varna you should not miss visiting the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, which is placed in the centre of the city. It’s very famous in the whole country and cross boarders, and for sure one of the most impressive ones. Finished in 1886 the church, theconsecration festival was in 1910. The church has three beautiful altars, each with a special meaning and the paintings on the murals, the wooden statues and the wooden throne are each a masterpiece of art. An absolute must see!

Summer palace of Queen Marie of Romania

The story tells, that the Queen of Romania was fascinated by the beauty and the harmony of the place, which is nowadays better know as Balchik, that she gave the assignment to build a summer residence. Probably she was influenced by her British roots, while she discussed the plans for the building, but a great palace, with a high tower, several smaller buildings and some paths that lead the visitors of these days to the fantastic garden at the sea, are integrated in the complex. If you are interested in botanic you shouldn’t forget to visit the University Botanical Gardens.
You will nowhere find a bigger and more diverse collection of plants from all over the world. Gigantic cacti-species are a visitor-magnet, but there are much more things to discover. Come early in the morning – it will take the whole day to see just the attractions you really should not miss!

10 travel tips for Golden Sands

1. Varna's dolphinarium, the only one in Bulgaria, is a bit run-down but well worth the entrance fee.

2. Varna's sea garden, a vast space containing an open-air theatre, aquarium, museum, zoo and ice-skating rink.

3. Go for a night out and visit the best clubs in town: PR. Club, Bonkers, Malibu, Arrogance and/or Roxy.

4. Visit the Poco Loco! A dancing restaurant where you can find the best dancing shows in whole Bulgaria. And when you finished your always fresh and tasty meals, that are brought by dancing waitresses – you can start dancing as well.

5. Take a walk away from the shore and take a look around. You will find beautiful nature and water sources hidden in the forest.

6. When you already made the way into the forest don’t forget to visit the Aldzah-monastery and the close forest-source.

7. Take a look at the horse-races in the south of the city. A lot of fun and perhaps the start into a better future. Good luck!

8. Go for a bungee-jump! Once in a lifetime! You always wanted to do that – do it now!

9. Bring a nice picture of you and hand it to one of the amazing talented street artists that will paint your portrait or a caricature.

10. Visit the bars of some hotels to see unbelievable adept bartenders, doing their job fast, with fun and entertaining. Great art!

Fun and facts about Golden Sands

Beware of money-changing in banking kiosks or small bureaus. Change the money in at the Bull Bank or a bigger institute, otherwise it’s possible, that you will get less than expected.

You should read the signs carefully! When changing-bureaus offering a rate, be sure that this is the “buying”-rate – not the “selling”-rate, before you subscribe!


Find your ideal Hotel in Golden Sands and enjoy your stay!

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