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About Razlog

Comprising of the villages Gorno Draglishte, Dobarsko, Banya, Bachevo and Eleshnitsa, the municipality of Razlog is part of the Blagoevgrad district and home of more than 22.000 people 12.000 of which live in the main city of Razlog. The territory lies 900 meters above sea level and is a well known winter-sports-area of the Pirin mountains. While the single cities are very close to each other, they all have their own individual charm.

Surrounded by an amazing diversity of plants and geological phenomena, such as hot water springs, caves and waterfalls. The whole region also combines cultural and ethnic backgrounds from the inhabitants. There are Bulgarians with a Muslim, Greek orthodox and protestant believes, all living together.

Accordingly the local citizens are very traditional and able to tell you countless tales and stories about their rich history. You will find many cultural and historical memorial sites and the opportunity to learn about them, by listening to the locals. They recognise the interest of tourists and are open, ambitious and proud to tell them about their homeland. If you come in summer and without your skis, or snowboard equipment, you can walk a lot during your holidays in Razlog. You will be able to discover the warm water springs (but be careful – they are some of the hottest in Europe), which are partly used as swimming-pools. There are cool forests to hide from the sun in and rivers for fishing which are clean enough to drink out of. This can be a nature trip, that takes you back to the roots of Bulgaria and to your own.

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Attractions to see in Razlog


New Years Eve in Razlog

As mentioned before this area has rich cultural traditions, that have been kept alive for centuries. A good example is the celebration of the New Year's Eve in Razlog. This famous folklore event entices people from all over the country and is also a tourist magnet. Every five years there is the Pirin Signs Festival, that had more than 200.000 visitors in 1999 and the number of amazed people, that talk about this outstanding experience increases with every event.


The Old bath and the church “Sveti Georgi”

Also know as the greenhouses, these sites of Banya spread their atmosphere all around the village. They are of great importance to the community, as there are spas to meet, to relax and to converse with friends. When you go out you should take a short walk to the historic ruins, that are close to the houses.


Holy Trinity Church

In 1810 the people decided to build a new church. Influenced by their history and religious restrictions, they knew that a church has to be built where a church had previously been before, they however wanted the church in the middle of the town-centre. The smart villagers buried an religious icon and a cross allowing them to build in the centre, where the new church stands nowadays. But this building can provide you with more than an old story. Take a look at the amazing tower and the bells of the church, which are the town's landmarks.


Oldest Tavern

When you need a refreshing drink, or a good meal and fantastic seafood, despite being 350 miles away from the sea, you should visit the “Bishine”-Tavern in Bansko. Bishine was the name of the first owner of the tavern, who opened it in 1818, and this ancient place has carried his name ever since. Unfortunately the building itself is not able to tell you the stories it has seen, but its visitors will hear tales from the bartenders and locals, that love this place. You will too!


Yagodinska Platform

When you visit the beautiful 275 thousand years old caves of Yagodinska and need fresh air and want to see an incredible panorama, you should pay the £4.50 to enter the Yagodinska Platform. Follow the route for about half an hour and after you have left the slippery caves you will find your self on your way to to the platform will lead. The highlight of this day-trip and eventually the best forecast of your stay in Bulgaria will open your mind, when you enter the platform above a sheer drop of 400 meters. Unbelievable, stunning and forever an amazing memory, which can be captured with photos.



Districts to visit in Razlog


City of Razlog

First of all there is the city of Razlog. Embedded between the mountains (Rila, Pirin, Rhodopes) and the Mesta River, this town is at the heart of the region. Whenever there is a big concert, festival or international event of any kind; Razlog is always the host. It has a gigantic urban catchment area, as it is the sencond largest city after Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. In Razlog it is possible to take guided tours or search for your own special experience. There are a lot of sites that have to be seen.


Ski area Kuolinoto

The Pirin mountains are an alpine rock mass, stretching 270 square kilometres. The tourism in this area has brought a lot of income for years, but the increasing tourist-rush has now led to new big projects and investments. New Hotels and spa-landscapes develop very fast. The infrastructure has been improved and the streets are renewed. You can reach the Kulinoto ski track, which lies in the centre of this area, without no problem by car. There are several tracks with different complexity factors, so that you can come with the whole family. Special kids-routes are available and you will find many options to take a rest to eat or drink a cup of tea. The three villages Razlog, Banya and Bansko are providing the perfect surrounding for unforgettable ski-holidays. And the Hotels in Razlog are cheap!



10 Razlog travel tips


1. Drive along the road to Trigrad
2. Visit the dancing bear park in Bransko
3. Make a city-trip to Sofia
4. Visit the Rozhen Monastery
5. Enjoy the wine tasting in Melnik
6. Visit the Rila Monastery in Rila
7. Take a boat trip on the Dospat lake
8. Visit the Elevation Festival! Amazing good line-up!
9. Try the Razlog Valley day tours. The guides are experts on the area!
10. Don’t forget your golf-bag! Razlog is on the way to becoming the centre of golf tourism!



Fun and facts about Razlog


Take a day trip with the mountain buggies! Guided by two young and friendly people with a fantastic personal mental attitude, you can discover the landscape and you will learn how to reach with your personal limits. Meet them at the Redenka Lodge in Bansko.


Want to see something different? Visit the village of Eleshnitsa! You will not meet to many people there, as years ago it was the largest uranium mine in Bulgaria, which brought a lot of money to the village. The people are still glowing!



Find your ideal Hotel in Razlog and enjoy your stay!

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