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Welcome to Dominican Republic


The Domimican Republic is one of the leading destination of the caribbean, But those who can tear the delights of the beach can also discover nooks preserved magical walking and go back in time on the first discovery by Christopher Columbus lands. for those who like the beach, this type of trip will perfectly meet the needs to make the most of the beach and lounging in locations with exquisitely exotic names such as Punta Cana, Cabarete and Samaná. For the adventurer you should know that the Dominican Repblic also offer the possiblity to get out of the coconut-beach-lounging situation, there is a lot of central park, protected and classified areas, you have you can visit them by foot or boat. Don't forget the  Los Haïtises for the turbulent walk on the water, you got the Armando Bermúdez national park for the rike you can survey a part of pico Duarte, the highest peak of the west indies with an altitude of 3000 m. Sierra Park Baoruco, with an area of ??800 kph is also worth visiting, with its multitude of contrasting landscapes. The underwater park La Caleta, located east of the capital, will delight diving enthusiasts.

You can also considerate this country as a sportif country as regards the sport water like surfing, diving, windsurfing and a lot of other activities. On the cultural level, the Dominican Republic offers a mix between culture Taino, European and Caribbean.The first comes from the primitive people living on the island of Hispaniola before its discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The second comes naturally from following the discovery of this piece of land Spanish conquest. The last, African influence, comes, in turn, the slave period as well as in other Caribbean countries.

Santo Domingo is the capital of the country, she got a lot of natural treasure like a  hundreds of miles of white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, the local music " the Bachata"


These are the transport available in Dominican Republic:

The Plane, this allow you to move to any part of the country in less than one hour in the best comfort conditionand security.

The Bus, there is 3 importante company of buses in the country which are Metro, Caribe Tours and Transport Espinal they drive in the center and all around the country with a safety condition for only a hundred of Pesos. The bus is a common means of transport and cheap in the Dominican Republic.

The Guaguas, these are the mini-bus or van of the country, we find them on the central parks of the city its very cheap but you shoul avoid big luggage because the mini-bus are generally full of people, this way of transport has the advantage of being inexpensive and especially folk.

The Taxi, Dominican taxis don't have meter or it didn't work so it's better for you to negociate the price before get inside the taxi but with well-know taxis there is no problem.

The Conchos, these are the motos-taxis which you can find everywhere in the city even in the countryside for ten Pesos, they will bring you wherever you want and quickly but for short distance. The advantage is that the driver is able to carry two people plus the driver. Sensations guaranteed.

Rent a Moto, it's one of the most pratical way to discover a region explore interesting place in a complete freedom and helmet are obligatory.

Rent a Car, if you are around 3 or 4 people then the car is a the transport the most favourable. the cars the less expensive is around 33£ per day and around 50£ for a 4x4and we recommend you to book on the net before coming and the petrol price is cheaper than Europe like less than 1€ the litre.


Located in the heart of the Tropic of Cancer, the Dominican Republic is subject to various tropical diseases, including malaria, dengue and West Nile fever. All three mosquito-borne, his affections are present throughout the country. Preventive treatment may be recommended. And some rules are to be adopted once there, such as the use of repellents and mosquito nets.

These are the vaccine that we recommend you for your trip:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Tetanus - Diphtheria - Pertussis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid fever
  • Malaria

For more informations, please contact your general practitioner also for the yellow fever.


you can reach the Police, the Firefighter and the Ambulance at 911 or 112


Spanish is the official lnguage of the Dominican Republi, there is other language like the Haitian Creole spoken by about 160,000 of 1,000,000 Haitian immigrants living in the border area of the Dominican Republic in the wake of the Haitian diaspora and the English Creole Caribbean of Southwest is a Jamaican Patois.


The local money is the Pesos dominican but the US Dollar is accept almost everywhere especially in the higher category of hotels, it is also interresting to come with some Dollarsfor paying the tourisme card or eventual cost. Euro is accepted in every bank and currency exchange office by the way if you want change you money it's better to change it there because the exchange rate is the best. About the credit card they accept Master Card, Visa and American Express and if you use it there is no expenses on your side but the storekeeper can tax you 2% or 3%.


For going to the Dominican Repunblic you must have your passeport valid which the validity must be more than 6 months after the date of entry into the territory an if you are a citizen of the Europian Union, you don't need a visa for a stay less than 90 days  but you just have to got a tourist card but you should also know that the tourist card is a valid for the stay of 15 days  and for the stay which are more tha 15 days you will have to pay a surtax of 10 USD at the exit of the territory.

UTC/GMT -4 hours


The country has a tropical climate throughout the year, the best time for going to Dominican Republic is betwen December until the end of April, situate betwen the Equator and the Tropic of cancer, the island benefit a tropical climate. The temperature vary to 30 degree the day and 20 degree on the night and the water temperature vary betwen 26 degree to 28 degree.


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