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About Azua

Azua de Compostela is a city situated in the South West of Dominican Republic and is an ideal holiday destination. Holidays in the Dominican Republic involve a colourful mix of Latin party spirit and relaxing Caribbean beach life. White sands, palm trees, view of the sea and the exotic sounds of merengue lure tourists from all over the world. The city was founded in 1504 on the Caribbean coast. The original town was destroyed by an earthquake and again reestablished 5 km near the Ocoa Mountains. The progress of the city of Azua was at the height of his glory with the discovery of gold- and copper-mines in 1508 and the installation of sugar factories. The sugar factories had a very good reputation because the land on which the sugar-cane was cultivated, was very fertile. The city is locally known for trading in agricultural products, such as sugarcane, coffee, rice, corn (maize), fruit, and timber. The city is situated on the highway linking Santo Domingo, the national capital, to Comendador, near the Haitian border.
Are you still hesitating? Think of the mountains and the valleys rich in orchids, ginger lilies and frangipani. With the Merengue fizzing through your blood, the Caribbean spirit, Latino party passion and amazing sunshine you will face the real exotic paradise getaway.
Whether you are a real fan of the undersea life and coral reefs or a party maniac, Azua will not disapoint you. There are the fantastic expeditions into the tropical interior, whale-watching tours, historic colonial towns and day trips to idyllic offshore islets and a colourful nightlife to be explored. What more could you ask for?


Find your ideal hotel in Azua and enjoy the exotic climate of the Caribbean.



Azua- Step by Step


Port of Azua

Port of Azua from 1959 is worth seeing for its two terminals. One, is used by Compañía de Gas Licuado de Petróleo Opuvisa (Petroleum Gas Company) and the other other one is used for exportation of fruits (bananas), minerals and others.

San Juan de la Maguana

The archaeological site, San Juan de la Maguana is an agricultural based community. In the surrounding area there is a number of well preserved remains of Taíno settlements.


Azua’s natural resources

The city is sourrounded by mountains. Just take a look at El Muñeco, 1711 m., Monte Culo de Maco, 2189 m., Loma Alto de Santa Rosa, 1734 m., Loma Atanasio, 1591 m., Firme de Pajón Blanco, 2240 m., Loma Sabana Abajo, 1509 m., and Loma Piquito, 1770 m. high and they will take your breath away.


Azua’s beaches

Azua has beautiful beaches, Las Salinas, and the spa Vichí known for its famous medicinal waters. In the municipality Yayas de Viajama is the spa La Sulsa, which sulphurous waters are used for visitors with health problems. There are also many natural water- and some oil sources.



Getting around Azua- 10 travel tips

1.The climate is hot and dry (26°C and 630 mm). Take your sun lotion and a hat!
2.You shouldn’t miss the market in Azua, you can buy everything here, vegetables, fruit, meat, clothes, shoes, household ware, etc.
3.Join the Carnival celebrations in Azua. It takes place in February and finishes on Fat Tuesday, with a colourful parade of costumed dancers and floats. Although celebrations can be found throughout the island, Santo Domingo is the most known place for Carnival in the Dominican Republic.
4.If you are a fishing fan you should definitely visit Bahiá de Ocoa wich is know for the local "curricán" and is the venue of an annual international game fishing competition.
5.Walk down the seaside to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. You shall not regret it!
6.For a day trip go see Barahona, a large urban centre located just near Bahiá de Neiba. Barahona exists mainly on mining and sugar cane farming but also offers hotels and an airport. It is a paradise for divers.
7.A nearby attraction is the Lago Enriquillo which is the largest salt water lake in the Antilles and home to flamingos and iguanas and contains the largest wild reserve of American crocodiles. Definitely worth visiting.
8.Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Reserva Científica Laguna Rincón that protects the largest freshwater lagoon in the Dominican Republic. You can find there Hispaniolan freshwater slider turtles, Louisiana herons, and Florida flamingos.
9.If you have time you can also visit San Cristóbal which is the birthplace of the infamous dictator Rafael Trujillo who ruled the Dominican ruthlessly for years and was assassinated in 1961. You can even visit his house La Casa de Caoba (The Mahogany House).
10.The area is famous for the Merengue Festival in Santo Domingo attracts this genre's best talent from around the world. The area is consumed the country's national music and dance.


Interesting facts about Azua

1. Did you know where did the name Azua come from? In Peru the Indians called a drink made of maize "azua". There are many other speculations. Nowadays, most of the people think that the name Azua has an indian origin which means mountain range.

2. The city was founded in 1504 by the Spaniards.

3. Azua’s economy is based on the coffee plantation, sugar-cane and tobacco, and other cultivations of grain, nurseries, rice, maize, bananas, carrots and vegetables. Fishing is an important business too.

4. 27,3% of the total surface of the municipality Azua is exploited agriculturally. The majority of the farmers has (too) small farmland. They use primitive tools like the hand plough, oxes, the ax and the machete. This group of the population lives in an economy of surviving.

5. The 19th of march 1844 is a historical date in Azua, that's why they give this name to buildings and parks. At that day the Independence, under the national guidance of Duarte, reached Azua too, thanks to a victory in some battles with artillery and two cannons.

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