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  Welcome to Puerto Plata

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Puerto Plata- The Bride of the Atlantic

San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Puerto de Plata, often referred to as simply Puerto Plata, is the ninth-largest city in the Dominican Republic and the capital of the province of Puerto Plata. It serves as one of the most important trading ports in the country and is famous for its resorts such as Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada. Caribbean's only aerial tramway is located in Puerto Plata.


At the top of Parque Nacional Isabel de Torres there is a monument of Cristo Redentor. It's a replica of the original one located in Rio de Janeiro. At the edge of Puerto Plata bay there is a historical Spanish fortress called Fortaleza San Felipe. Today it serves as a museum showing the important role it has played in the history of Puerto Plata and the Dominican Republic. In the middle of the reefs of the Beach of Cofresí there is Ocean World adventure park. The park is a main tourist attraction and it is the largest and most complete park of its kind in the Caribbean.


Most of the resorts in Puerto Plata have evening shows with dancing, singing, costumed performers and karaoke. Some resorts even have casinos that are open to the public. In off-resort there is a wide boulevard that stretches along the ocean front. There they have numerous restaurants and nightclubs playing merengue and salsa. Also at the ocean front there are casettas where Caribbean and Latin music can be heard and visitors have a change to experience authentic Dominican nightlife.


There are numerous gift shops on the streets of Puerto Plata. In the Central Park area there are department like shops where the locals get daily items for reasonable prices. In Puerto Plata supermarkets they have a selection of Dominican sweets, marmalade, foods and quality rums. At the open market there are crafts including amber and larimar jewelry, basketwork, pottery, ceramics, wood sculpture and Haitian paintings.


Eastern Caribbean Time Zone: UTC–4 hours


Puerto Plata has a tropical climate, more specifically a tropical monsoon climate. This means that summers in the area are hot and somewhat wet, and winters are warm and very wet. Conditions are caused by elevation and by the northeast trade winds, which blow steadily from the Atlantic all year long. The annual mean temperature is 25 °C and regional mean temperatures range from 18 °C in the heart of the Cordillera Central to 27 °C in arid regions. The rain season for the northern coast is from November to January and from May to November in the rest of the country. The average annual rainfall is 1,346 mm, 2,500 mm or more in the mountainous northeast and 500 mm in the southwestern valleys and 760 mm along the Haitian border.

Public transportation

There are several taxis and buses to go around Puerto Plata. Another option similar to buses are guaguas. They are simple minivans for normally 7-8 persons. Guaguas are main common transportation system but not really organised as you can stop practically anywhere along the main streets. Fare is normally cheap. Renting a motorcycle/scooter or a car is also possible.



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