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Rio San Juan


About Rio San Juan

The dream paradise Rio San Juan is situated on the North coast of the Dominican Republic which is a part of Hispaniola, an island located in the Caribbean between Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. The Dominican Republic is 48.440 km2 large. It is a part of the Greater Antilles which are made of continental rock. Being home to 8.983 inhabitants, Rio San Juan is known as a fishing and farming town with a lot of culture and lifestyle. Enjoy lying or swimming in a 27 degree Celsius warm water or reading a magazine under the shade of a palm tree decorating the long sunny sandy beaches that welcome sun worshippers to take a sunbath in this breath taking environment. The temperature rarely drops under 20 degree Celsius in winter and in summer the average temperature reaches the 34 degrees Celcius. Rio San Juan is the right place to spend you family holiday or honey moon in a romantic atmosphere. Go snorkellng or diving in the clear blue sea. The predominantly Spanish speaking inhabitants are mestizos of descendants of African Slaves and European who brought them there. The languages French and English are well represented. The most important for Rio San Juan is its carnival which is called “Carnaverengue” since it is besides a Merengue festival. During this yearly event the Dominicans dress up in costumes and masks as monsters and parade through by  the spectators, they also perform a traditional dance. During this event you can experience a lot of art, history as well as music and culture. Over 50% of the tourists visiting the Dominican Republic are Americans and Canadians, 39% are Europeans. Eastern Europeans and South Americans have also discovered the beautiful island as their new destination. Come to Rio San Juan to discover it for yourself and provide your family an unforgettable summer vacation!


Attractions to see in Rio San Juan


La laguna Dudu

A small sweet water lake which offers crystal clear water.


Laguna Gri Gri

It is Eden for those who love nature and is a perfect place for observing the different species of birds in its natural habit. The lagoon is worth visiting.


Boat tour

The route begins in the lagoon and goes by a natural canal which leads to its mouth and heads to Playa Catelon which goes to a natural swimming pool and the cave of the swallows.



There are organised boat excursions with the possibility to go snorkeling or spent the afternoon in Caleton.


Spanish Shipwreck

Approximately 10 kilometers away from Rio San Juan and close to the coast, there lies probably the oldest shipwreck that was ever found.



Districts to visit in Rio San Juan


El Centro

“The Centre” of Rio San Juan offers everything you need like a bank, a pharmacy, a supermarket and a fruit and vegetable market. Furthermore it provides places to have a drink like pubs or cafeterias. There are various restaurants and comfortable hotels to choose from. In this quarter there is also the worth visiting lagoon Gri Gri and the “Santurio de las Aves”, the haven for the birds. To stay in contact with your friends there is a post office and a internet café. TO not get lost and find out more about things to do in Rio San Juan visit the tourist office. To get around just rent a car at Rio San Juans’ car rental which you can fill with gas from the nearby shell station or pick up a taxi. Relax completely or do sport at the park and sport field.


Barrio Nueva York Chiquito

This quarter is called after New York. Chiquito simply means “little”. “Little New York” is a residential area next to the open sea. Unlike New York there are no skyscraper but detached houses. The quarter is green planted with trees and the streets have names like Padre Billini, Beller and San Juan.


Barrio el hospital

Situated in the inland and surrounded by a green landscape “Barrio el Hospital” is the quarter with the hospital and the graveyard of Rio San Juan and a lot of agriculture. There is also a restaurant. A route goes through “The Hospital Quater” which leads through the heartland over a village called Mella to route 5 on the coast and finally to the next bigger town Nagua.



Travel Tips for Rio San Juan


Playa Grande

The most beautiful beach of the Dominican Republic is without any doubt the Playa Grande (“Large Beach”) with idsplays approximately 1 km long of white sandy beach that baths in the crystal clear water of the Atlantic Ocean. The swell of this beach is suitable for practising body boarding and surfing. A lot of surfers from the entire country arrive at Playa Grande to make good use of the waves. You can enjoy the good food at the kiosks. The speciality is seafood.


Playa Caleton

With its transparent and tranquil water the Play Caleton is perfect to spent a day on the beach with the family. Like Playa Grande there are kiosks which prepare food and swimmers can choose if they want to eat while watching the sea or sitting in the dining area which is placed in the middle of all kiosks.


Playa Preciosa

The second favourite beach for surfing after Playa Grande is Playa Preciosa (“Lovely Beach”). It is not recommended for children.


Playa de los Muertos

Next to Hotel Bahia Blanca an almost hidden path leads to one of the Playa de los Muertos (“Beach of the Dead”). The entrance is a bit in bad conditions but once arrived it is beautiful.


Playa de los Minos

In front of the Hotel Bahia Blanca the Playa de los Minos is situated. It is suitable for the whole family.


Playa de los Diamantes

This is like five minutes after Cabrera and at 15-20 minutes from Rio San Juan. The Playa de los Diamantes (Beach of Diamonds) is the most recommendable for children because its water is not deep at all. You can walk for more than half a kilometer between the beach and the sea in knee-deep water.


Playa Rogelio (maganta)

Is situated in the direction of Cabarete, at a place called La Yagua as well as 15 minutes away from Rio San Juan. Playa Rogelio is recommended for the whole family. There are restaurants along the beach and you can spend a fabulous day. The beach has black sand, however it is beautiful in all forms.


Campo Tours

This bus company will bring you to the most beautiful places.



Play golf at the “Playa Grande Golf Club” which is 6 kilometers away from Rio San Juan.


Cliff Diving

You can go cliff diving in the lagoons thanks to many cliffs and trees that you can jump off from.



Fun and facts about Rio San Juan


On the island Cayo Levantado close to Rio San Juan parts of the motion pictures “Jurassic Park” and “Apocalypse Now” were filmed.


There is a place called “Polo Magnetico” (magnetic pole) in Dominican Republic, the legend says that cars are attracted to the top and  roll the hill upwards by themselves.


Celebrities like Michael Jackson got married in Dominican Republic.


The closest airport is situated in Puerto Plata.



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