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Samana is more than just a town of 50 thousands inhabitants. Samana is a whole peninsula. You will find in the magical landscape white sandy beaches with coconut trees on a blue azure coloured sea, covered by a beautiful sunset. Add a few cocktails to the picture and there is the perfect post card to send back home. In the water, discover the exceptional fauna and flora living so close and yet so far from us at the same time. That is only the coastal side, going in the centre of the peninsula you will find magnificent panoramas with waterfalls, verdant hills and visit what is considered the prettiest part of the whole island. Going into civilisation all over the place you will hear Bachata, Merengue or Salsa to make you taste a little piece of Samana, an amazing and entertaining region of the Dominican Republic.
In the peninsula you will find the time to rest and enjoy your vacation adapted to your own pace. It is a part of the island that has managed to keep its vegetation out of the turbulence of the populated centre and preserved that tropical climate so particular in the Caribbean. After a long period of shielding itself on the opening world it has reached back into today’s world to participate in a exceptional and unique inter-cultural experience, and still keeping its simplicity that amazes all visitors of Samana. So come and enjoy your stay with us this tropical paradise where simplicity and pleasure are essential to spend a great time in the Samana Peninsula.

To be visited on Samana Peninsula

Samana city

The town of Samana also known Santa Barbara de Samana is the largest of the peninsula and has been developing itself since a fire that occurred in 1946. This city port overlooks the bay Bahia de Samana is the biggest of the island. The most important tourist season is from January to March when the whales come from the North Atlantic Ocean to nurse their youngest members. Around ten thousands of these humongous creatures come here, leaving the opportunity to the humans to get a little bit closer through boat excursions and witness an incredible sight in the warm waters of the Dominican Republic bay. In Samana you will also find related to this event a whale museum in the south part of the town. Once you are there you can take a walk on the bridge to nowhere. At the end of it is the island of Cayo Vigie, which provides you with a new view of the bay and Samana City. From Samana port you can also take a shuttle to the Cayo Levantado. It is also known as the “Bacardi Island” because Bacardi’s rum commercials were made there in the 1970’s.

Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is an adventure just to reach it. The road is steep coming from Sanchez as it goes through the mountains in the centre of the Samana Peninsula. That way you will discover this magnificent landscape in another way and get absolutely gorgeous views of the bay and all the surroundings. If you pay a little bit of attention you will see the bright coloured houses all the way along and the only signs of human presences in this vegetation. It is located on the North side of the peninsula, you will find an Mediterranean touch as you will come across cafes and ocean front restaurants and enjoy the splendid view that is offered to you. Las Terrenas is a great place for water sports from diving to snorkeling, windsurfing or kite-boarding. Arts and crafts are also found in the little shops of the town. For a calm afternoon sitting on the beach, maybe take a nap, Playa Bonita and Playa Las Balleras are great and always appreciated.


Las Galeras

Not so long ago, Las Galeras wasn’t known by anybody accept a few fishermen that were using the natural resources to live. And for the last 25 years, it has developed itself with the construction of the road coming from Samana. This secret paradise has become a beautiful destination for nature lovers as it is still a very small village and still very difficult to access. Only the most adventurous will get to Las Galeras but you will be rewarded by exceptional white sandy beaches in the form of a horseshoe. From there you will also be able to access the secret beach of Playa Rincon seen by many and especially the locals as one of the most astonishing beaches of the whole island. It is pretty much accessible only by boat from Las Galeras but this expedition will give you the feeling that you are Christopher Columbus arriving and discovering for the first time this little piece of paradise. You will find of course activities for you such as snorkeling or whale watching excursions if you get there at the right season. Hotels and restaurants, local and from further away will provide you with all the necessary accommodation.

Attractions on Samana’s Peninsula

El Limon Waterfall. In land activities are also exiting, discover so close from the ocean at 300 meter above sea level a 40 meter drop waterfall in the village of El Limon. Enjoy a swimable pool with crystal clear water. Make sure you visit this paradise on earth!

Los Haitises National Park. Book a day excursion to the most important rainforests and mangrove reserves of the Caribbean. Make yourself a Conquistador exploring new and unseen forests as the Park can be reached by boat going through the bay.

Mountain biking, hiking, horse riding. Go and explore the peninsula with a mountain bike, a horse or just by foot. Due to the few roads to go around Samana, these tours will keep you fit while discovering the majesty of these extraordinary landscapes with new views. Go through jungles to find gorgeous beaches that few eyes have come up on.

Rock climbing. For the fans of high emotion activities, they will find what they need with rock climbing. Playa Fronton not far from Las Galeras is the most known for this exiting experience. Even if you don’t really like heights it is a breath-taking beach, just for that you should go along.

Caving. Samana has many caves to be explored. Follow the traces of the Indigenous, first occupants of the the island. In these caves you can find pictograms and petroglyph made over 50 years ago. Top that with astonishing views of the entire peninsula from the Ocean side to the bay of Samana.

10 travel tips

1. Renting a 4WD Jeep or SUV is recommended as a motorised vehicle
2. If you rent a car, do not drive at night, it is dangerous
3. Try a moto concho to get around Samana (Moto Taxi)
4. January to March is Whale Watching season
5. Samana will not always welcome Credit Cards, be sure to have cash or travellers checks with you
6. Experience a camping night on one of the numerous beaches
7. Hiking shoes are mandatory
8. Great Place for Eco Tourism
9. Spanish is the official language
10. You will need a camera


Fun Fact about Samana

- Samana is known as the site of the first battle between the Indian settlers and the European conquerors - the Battle of the Arrows.
- Whales can slow down their hearts to less than 10 beats per minute to help conserve oxygen during their long, deep dives.


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