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  Welcome to Ajaccio

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome to Ajaccio - The city of Napoleon Bonaparte

Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio in 1769 in the Maison Bonaparte, which is now open to the public. Ajaccio benefits from an exceptional architectural, landscaped and natural frame with 21 buildings protected in conformance with Historic monuments.


Although the commune of Ajaccio has a large area, only a small portion of this is urbanized. Therefore, the urban area of Ajaccio is located in the east of the commune on a narrow coastal strip forming a densely populated arc. The original urban core, close to the old marshy plain of Cannes was abandoned in favour of the current city which was built near the Punta della Lechia. It has undergone various improvements, particularly under Napoleon, who originated the two current major structural arteries. Ajaccio breathes elegance and sophistication within its pastel-shaded rainbow of pavement cafés, promenades and gracious squares. You can see most of beautiful beaches in Calvi, Ajaccio, Bonifacio or Porto Vecchio. Moreover, this island has an exceptional site named the Sanguinaires archipelago. The 4 uninhabited islands, located at the entrance to the Gulf of Ajaccio, form a classified maritime site. They are a paradise of seabirds and dolphins. Crammed with good restaurants and well-stocked, unusual shops; and blessed with a harbor so pretty that local artists jostle with each other for a good painting spot from which to capture it. You'll still find Italian influence here in some street names and in the local cuisine; though essentially French, it has a spicy undertone.


Nightlife in Corsica is generally fairly low-key and tends to be based around dining at one of the many restaurants or cafes which can be found in towns and tourist resorts. Ajaccio has a good selection of bars but most evening entertainment is based around restaurants.There is a casino in Ajaccio which is open from 1pm to 4am - open to anyone over the age of 18 who is dressed "appropriately".


Many shops in Ajaccio are stylish and expensive, selling designer French and Italian brand names. Arts and crafts include local painting, leatherwork, pottery and wood carving. “Produits Corses”, mostly food items, indicate goods made on the island. Corsican cheeses and charcuterie are renowned. In the center of the city, there is the tourist heart of the city, established by trading alleys and by big arteries of traffic.


Standard Time Zone : UTC/GMT +1 hour


The city has a Mediterranean climate and benefits of very privileged climatic aspects, marked by the extreme sweetness of its temperatures the winter, and with criteria of a hot and dry weather the summer. The drought and heat of summer are tempered by the proximity of the sea, except when the sirocco blows. In autumn and spring, violent rainstorms may occur. In winter snow is quite rare.

Public transportation

The Transports en commun d'Ajaccio (TCA) provide services on 21 urban routes, one "city" route for local links and 20 suburban lines. The frequency varies according to demand with intervals of 30 minutes for the most important routes. The city is served by the Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport which connects Ajaccio to a number of cities in mainland France and to places in Europe to serve the tourist industry. Moreover, people can travel also by train or ferries.


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