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  Welcome to Arras

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome to Arras­ The city of memories

Arras is the capital of the Pas­de­Calais. It famous for its Christmas market witch start on December. It is also a place who belong to the world history because it remains us that the second world war was very horrible and that have not to happen again because a lot of people die. The most famous place to remain us that is the Welligton Quary.


The first things when you will arrive at Arras is the “Place des Heros” it is the office tourism. Then there is “La montée au Beffroi” classify since 15/07/2005 in the Unesco heritage. “Les Boves” is also a famous place to visit because during the second world war all the Arras population was hidden in this place in order to avoid the opposition bombing. If you want to visit a museum you have to go to the “Musée des beaux Arts”, “Cite Nature”, and the “Louvre­Lens”. There is also a famous memorial witch is Wellington Quary. It is a place where people are commemorating all the solidier who fought in the second world war.


It is possible to have fun in Arras with all bar and nightclub.


The most beautiful time to do shopping is on Charisma. Indeed, Arras is famous for its Christmas market where it is possible to find some little cute things to decorate our Christmas tree or some artisan things.


Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 01:00 hour


Arras is located in the north of France witch means that in winter it is very cold. It is also snowing in winter. The average temperature is 10 degrees.

Public transportation

It is possible to go to Arras by plane or by train. Inside of the city it is possible to move by bus, cab and car.


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