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  Welcome to Chalon sur Saone

  Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chalon sur Saone – The city of wines

Chalon sur Saone is is a city located on the eastern edge of France, has 46,676 inhabitants. The city belongs wing region of Bourgogne located in the department Saône et Loire, in the district Chalon-sur-Saône As curiosities, it was formerly known for its marketing of wine across the river Saone, where is located the city. It's best known for being born in a small village of the city its famous photographer Pierre Trémaux


In this case Chalon sur Saone has a rich range of options for you to enjoy the city. Depending on what you enjoy doing can choose between visiting monuments and towns, museums or even carried outdoors Monuments

St. Vincent Cathedral, the first one important monument, the origin of this cathedral is not very clear, probably was built in the IV and V centuries, was the first built on the ancient Gallo-Roman wall church, the dominant style is Gothic

Nicephore Niepce Museum, is the second site to visit, is a museum about a native of Chalon-sur-Saone and Chalon inventor of photography.

The museum has exhibits and personal items and the first cameras used in the world in 1816 by Niepce, inventor of photography. Throughout the visit, you will discover darkrooms, lenses, accessories, and thousands of amateurs and professionals.

Abbaye de La Ferte, a beautiful place you have to see! The hosts are lovely, the setting is idyllic, the park is well maintained, the course is very nice and the guides are familiar with the castle also can take photos during the visit.

The castle is still inhabited by the owners. Today it is a witness that is surprising for the richness of the remains of their occupants

But don’t forget to visit The church of Saint-Pierre, is located on the Place de l'Hotel de Ville, it should not be overlooked because it dates from the early eighteenth century and is architecturally and historically important. The church of Saint-Pierre was officially designated a historic monument in 1948.

Memorial, a monument dedicated to the dead, not the victory. This memorial at the Quai Gambetta was erected in 1926 in honor of the soldiers of Chalon-sur-Saone who died during the First World War, on the stone are engraved the names of more than a thousand Chalonnais and the names of the many battlefields and combat zones where they fought and died. Museums

-Denon Museum, a museum that has a bit of everything. You can go through different moments in the history of art. Since ancient times the area of Burgundy, to modern works and contemporary sculptures.

-Nicephore Niepce Museum

You can do a trip along the river in Grand Chalon Centre Nautique


If you want to go out in the night you can go to AB 'solutely FAB'. Although the supply of places to go to spend a night or to drink is smaller than the list of things to do in Chalon sur Saone, there is always a place in which you will feel fine.


The truth is that there are several streets with many small stores that have a special charm and dedicated on sale for some time and others that have been installed recently and have great presence

- Zig & Zag Concepstore

- Soja boutique

- Boutique Blaise et Marie


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If you plan a trip to Chalon sur Saone usually it has a mild climate and warm. Is advisable to take an umbrella since the precipitations are spread over the year. The average temperature is 11. In Chalon sur Saone, even in the driest month may rain.

Public transportation

Chalon sur Saone has different alternatives. When you want to get around the city you can use these alternatives.

- Bus Zoom, public bus

- AB Transports + , to hire taxis

- Transdev Rapides de Saone et Loire


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