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  Welcome to Clermont-Ferrand

  Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Clermont-Ferrand – The creative city of the Michelin brand

Clermont-Ferrand is in the region of Auvergne, is a city in central France, has a population of 143,000 inhabitants... The city was developed around this central plateau on which the cathedral rises, extends east across the plain and west. Clermont has been built for surrounding the valley of the Allier river flood plain. In its mountains it is where is the Puy- de- Dome,its most famous volcano.


The best spots to visit in Clermont-Ferrand are:

- Puy of Dome with incredible views

- Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption

- Garden Lecoq

- Square of Jaude

- Museum Bargoin

- Vercingetorix

- Museum Lecoq Natural History

- L'Aventure Michelin an interesting exhibition


You always will have several alternatives, Clermont-Ferrand offers from opera shows in its Theatre of Clermont-Ferrand to luxury restaurants such as ''Le Richelieu'' with a price of the menu of 24 euros for person, you can also find ''The Puy Moon'' from 22 to 37 euros and the last one L'Alambic since 29 eures. It's clear that if you want to drink a glass surrounded by a good atmosphere with your family or partner in the downtown there are many streets where you will find the best bars.


Clermont-Ferrand is known for its activity relationed with sell of tires Michelin. The Michelin family has built there many public buildings. The other important activities of this region are pharmaceutical industry, the metallurgy and the center of information and communication


GMT/UTC + 01:00 hour


Summers are hot and usually bring occasionally some summer storms, as usual winter is cold and with little rainfall, ranks as one of the cities with lower rainfall. The highest temperature is 40 middle and the lower in -29 degrees

Public transportation

Clermont is at the intersection of the southern motorway Paris-Béziers (A71 and A75) and transverse Lyon / Saint-Etienne-Bordeaux. It has a line of rail, but there's no high speed line passes though the city. The best option is take a plane. This city has an airport, The Airport of Clermont-Ferrand/Auvergne, if you use it you can communicate with France or Europe If you need information about urban transport or take a buss o tramway there is a company ''T2C'' who manages the services of lines



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