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  Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Dax, France Is a commune in Aquitaine in sourth'western France, sub-prefecture of the Landes department. It is on the edges of the extensive forest of the Landes region. It is a particularly famous as a spa, especially in rheumatism the mud treatment. Also, is a market town former bishopric and busy local centre, specifically for Chalosse. Dax began in pre-Roman times, then was developed by the Romans to become an important town because of its thermal waters.


Fountain Chaude: located in the centre of Dax. Is a monument historical while the portico and relic were registred on 1988. A small part of the ramparts can still be seen in the town by following the Promenade des Remparts in the north of the town next to the Parc Theodore Denis. Is the most important site in Dax where there is a pool of hot thermal water (64 degree, 2 400 000 L/day) inside a Roman-style structure built in 19th centrury. Treat a rheumatism with the mud, it is what makes this method. The Gallo:Roman ramparts of the 4th century. The archaeological crypt that houses the remains of a Gallo:Roman temple of the 2nd century. Musee Georgette Dupouy:The artist Georgette Dupouy is a 20th century whose paintings are described as impressionist with surrealist tones and whose paintings have been exhibited thouhout. Helicopter Museum ('Musee de l'armee de terre et de l'helicoptere') : which has large collection of French army helicopters and an insight into how a helicopter works. Gardens: there are two gardens that you will can enjoy visiting close to Dax. -Plantarium at Gaujacq: a botanic garden with a large collection of plants and plants for sale. -Parc du Sarrat: covering three hectares and with a botanic garden. Attractions Nearby: The principal attractions in the region are on the Atlantic coast about 35 kilometres to the west of Dax. Also worth seeing in Dax is the Hotel Splendid, an Art Deco Hotel which is considered to be a key work of the Art Deco period in the 1930s. The Notre Dame is a church Gothic with an organ 17th century. Borda Museum: located in the Chapel of the former convent of the Carmilites (1523): Exhibitions theme of the museum's collections and contemporary artists. Nearby (few kilometres away): St. Vicent de Paul: Birtplace and Exhibition, distance 6 km. St. Pandelon Ducros, country residence of the Bishops of Dax, distance 6 km. At 18 km, Museum of Chalosse Montfort-en-Chalosse. The museum of rural life in country to Laluque Landes, distance 18 km. At 25 km, Sorde l' Abbaye Village Heritage UNESCO's 12 th century abbey, the remains Gallo-Roman boatmen single in France.


The time in Dax, France, is GMT/UTC +1.0 hour


The average in Dax is in high temp 14 degree and in low temp is 10 degree.

Public transportation

By bus:

-COURALIN: Has 5 regular routes from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm. The routes stop in the following towns: Dax, Narrosse, Saint-Paul-Les-Dax, Seyresse.

-RDTL (Landes Public Transport Network): takes commuters to certain towns in the area. Bus station: 11 avenue de la gare (face a la gare SNCF).

-Vitenville, the free shuttle bus: The Greater Dax council has boosted its public transport services with the free Vitenville shuttle bus which connect Dax and Saint-Paul-Les-Dax town centres. Yo won't miss these bright green 20 seater mini buses! 3 express services are provided from local car parks with a shuttle bus every 10 and 15 minutes.

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