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  Welcome to Epinal

  Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Epinal - The city of fresh air

Epinal is a little colorful town which is the capital of the Vosges department. It is a special city of verdure situated only few minutes away from the forest and less than an hour from the lakes and hiking tracks. The Tour de France tends to always pass through the city of Epinal. It is one of the best cities in France when we talk about hiking or riding bikes. Specifically, Epinal is a medieval city built on a rocky spur, spinal in Latin, that gave the name to the city and its inhabitants, the spinaliens. Epinal is also the city where Emile Durkheim, one of the three fathers of sociology with Karl Marx and Max Weber, was born.


The oldest cultural landmark of Epinal is its Gothic Basilica. In fact, Saint Maurice Basilica, was built in the 10th century but in the 13th century changes were made. When the basilica was consecrated by the pope Leon the 4th, it became an important place of pilgrimage because of the relics of Saint Goëry and it now shelters a wealth of furnitures. In the heart of the historical centre, we will find the Place des Vosges, and the roman house. There are also, a castle and a tower on a mound over looking the city. The remains of this great medieval fortress placed around the landscaped garden including a medieval garden where forgotten plants are cultivated and a vineyard, a zoo and a playground for children take place. And the Chinese Tower, built in 1804 for a rich man inspired by Chinese architecture which was very modern in these days. Unique in the world, it is necessary to pass in the “Imagerie of Épinal”. Today, the tradition is being upheld as much by the production of traditional images as by new designs by our artists, printed in our workshop and displayed in our shop. The folk museum (Ecomusée) shows the age-old techniques used, with demonstrations on unique pieces of machinery, some of them still in use.


Epinal want to promote a harmonious economic development that is why a lot of different shops are open all week in the centre of the town. We can drive to the covered or organic market several times a week.


Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour. Epinal is characterized by a Time


Epinal is characterized by a wonderful climate with sweet summers and cold winters. April and August are the ideal months to visit the city. January and December are the coldest months, with top temperatures average 41°F (5°C), while July is the hottest, with an average of 66°F (19°C).

Public transportation

Epinal public transportation network named "Imagine" is composed of 6 lines working all week from 6am to 8:30pm.The Train station of Épinal is a hub in the French transport network enabling travelers to reach the region around Epinal.



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