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  Welcome to Grenoble

  Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Grenoble - The city of Stendhal and the cable railway

Grenoble is an important town in the alps next to Lyon in South-east France. The proximity of the mountains, as well as its size, and a Winter Olympics in its past has led to the city being known as the "Capital of the Alps". With opportunities for snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and climbing, nature is a large part of the local culture. Back in town, stroll through the many parks and gardens, you will find cafés, markets, culture with lot of museums.


One of Grenoble's key attractions is its iconic cable car. This was the first cable car to be built in a city, before those of Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town. At the top of the cable car are not only 360° views of the alps, there are an incredible views over Grenoble, two restaurants and also the historic fort with defenses designed by Vauban and called the Bastille. If you are feeling energetic, you can walk up to the Bastille. Down in Grenoble itself the lovely Place Victor Hugo is at the heart of the city. The square is beautifully gardened in the middle and has a large fountain and it is surrounded by elegant buildings with late 19th century facades. The attractive Place de Gordes gives a good view of the Saint-André Collegiate Church with its 14th century Gothic spire. Next to here on the Place Saint-Andre is one of Grenoble's finest buildings, the Dauphiné Parliament building with its Gothic and Renaissance facades. Also on this square is the second oldest café in France, the Café de la Table Ronde, which dates back to 1739. Grenoble has also a Roman Catholic cathedral dominated by its large 13th century gate tower. In addition Grenoble has a presence in arts and literature through museums and festivals. You can visit The museum of Grenoble or The Dauphinois museum for example.


Grenoble offers a range of more than 10 clubs based on your tasted, a multitude of performance halls, cinemas to enjoy blockbusters and crunchy pop corns, and cafe concerts where there is a friendly atmosphere.


Grenoble has a good range of shopping. Exclusive shops are intermingled with artists’ studios, alternative clothes designers and sweetshops. There are two major malls called Grand'Place with 120 boutiques, and La Caserne de Bonnes with 50 boutiques, in the heart of the city. In the old part, this is where you will find shops selling designer clothes, art and excellent, imaginative chocolates. At this huge enclosed market, Halles Sainte-Claire, you will find stands packed with fruits, cheeses, pastries, meats and vegetables. This place is a joy for all your senses with all the smells, tasty food, and all the beautiful colours.


Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour


Grenoble itself has an oceanic climate with no obvious dry season. Just to give you an idea, in winter the weather is around 5 degrees Celsius and in summer around 30 degrees Celsius.

Public transportation

A comprehensive bus and tram serve much of greater Grenoble. In 1987, Grenoble became the second French city to reintroduce trams. The current network is 35 kilometer long, and comprises five lines: lines A, B, C, D and E. The city provides also 46 bus lines, organized into three levels of bus lines (Chrono, Proximo and Flexo). The new network is the first network accessible to the world. Otherwise, being essentially flat, Grenoble is a bicycle-friendly city.


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