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  Welcome to Mâcon

  Monday, July 25, 2016


Mâcon is a small city situated on the Eastern centre of France. The city represents the prefecture of the department of Saône–et–Loire, located in Burgundy. Its population stands by 35,000 residents. The city lies between Bresse in the east and the Beaujolais hills in the south, it is also located 65 kilometres north of Lyon and 400 kilometres from Paris.


You can visit the MARKET on Saturday

The “Eglise Saint-Pierre de Mâcon” was built during the 19th century, the work was entrusted to the architect André Berthier. The neo-Romanesque church is the highest among the others in the city. Some paintings are exhibited there like one of the painter Pierre Mignard. The church is free to visit, you will find it Place Saint Pierre.

The “Maison de Bois” is the oldest house in Mâcon, it was built between 1490 and 1510 and has become a historic monument in 1920. It’s a wooden building decorated with statuettes. The city turned it into a restaurant appreciated by the tourists.

The “Memorial citoyen” was created in 1984 by Jean Claude Bernardet and evokes the main military conflicts between 1870 and today. You can visit this memorial on wednesdays and sundays from 2pm to 6pm for the modest sum of 3€ for adults and 1€ for students. The Memorial is located on the “Place du Souvenir Francais”. In case you would like to contact them, their telephone number is +33 03 85 34 51 03 and here is their website:

The “Musée des Ursulines” is a museum was built in 1675 for the education of young girls. The schedule is 10AM – 12AM / 2AM – 6AM. The days to opens is Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The prices is for kids free, for adult 2,5€. The address is 5 rue des Ursulines 71000 Macon. The website is

Pont Saint Laurent is a brigde built before Macon existed. The Roman legions built a wooden during the Gaul conquest, and it was only in the 11th century. The Saint – Lauren Brigde was among the few bridges of the region that were not destroyed during the second World War. Since this time its a appearance has not changed and it has twelve arches. Is located in D107901750 Saint-laurent-sur-Saone.

Site Archeologique De Saint-Clement is the archaeological site of Saint clement. Recent excavations offer the visitors to follow the transformations. The entrance is free. The site web is

Vieux Saint-Vincent is a building of two towers and the constitute the only remnants of the Roman period. The schedule is 10AM- 12AM / 2PM – 6PM. The entrance is free for all people.



Cafe–Theatre La Coda

L'Orphee Theatre

Le Crescent

Le parc de expositions

Societe de musique de chambre

Theatre scene nationale


Multiplexe cine marivaux, the entrance is for aults 6,5-9€ and for kids 4,5-6,5€.


A la Bonne Heure

A la Commanderie, Restaurants

Au fil de I'O

Auberge chez Jack


GMT +2 GMT/UTC + 1 hour


The average in Macon is in high temperature is 24° and in low temperature is 1°. The rain days averages is 11 days per month, every year.

Public transportation

You are coming by train: railway station in the city centre and TGV station 7km away. By bus: Ligne E( Bucephale (Ligne 07 / Ligne 09). You are coming by car: via the A6, via the A40, via the route centre europe atlantique (N79), road conditions. You are coming by plane: Aerodrome de Macon - Charnay: Aero-port de Geneve International Local Bus services: Mobigo is the transport network for Burgundy made up. Phone +33 08 00 10 20 04 Cote D'Or 21, Divia is the bus service for Dijon and the nearby communes. Bus run every six minutes Monday to Saturday between 07AM-8PM.



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