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  Welcome to Mont-de-Marsan

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Mont-de-Marsan – The Three Rivers City

The city have been construced around three rivers (Le Midou, Le Douze and Le Midouze), those rivers have protected the city during wars. Mont de Marsan is the capital of Landes department in the South West of France. In this city is located a major installation of French Air Force. The city is famous for its Arena (created in 1880), this Arena is now use for the “Fêtes de la Madeleine” where Toreador are working for few days each years. The city is well known not only about the wether and being close to the sea, but also for their Landes specialties such as : armagnac, foie gras, duck breast and duck confit, asparagus, corn, meat pie, pastis.


An inescapable monument in Mont-de-Marsan is the “Arène de Plumaçon”. During the mid-july there is Corridas, concours landais for the “Fêtes de la Madeleine”. Also, the museum (Despiau-Wlérick), is devoted to modern figurative sculpture. If you have children, we recommend you to go to Royal kids which is an amusment park or the “Nahuques Park” where you can find some animals such as goats, corsican mouflons, llamas...


During the nights, there are a lof of pubs, bars and nightclubs. The “Country rock café” is a bar, club which is well-known for the good party that you can have in. You can also try “Le Pub 1900” which is heat during winter, the ambiance is good and the quality of product too. Regarding to nightclubs, you must try “Le Zoo”, which is famous for underground sounds from 80s. Or the “Chupito Rock” which is beautiful and where the music is really good.


The biggest shopping spot in the department is at Mont-de-Marsan, the commercial center “Grand Moun”, where you can find H&M, Celio... We strongly recommend you to go there for your shopping.


Standard time zone: CET (UTC+1), CEST (UTC+2).


You can visit Mont-de-Marsan all year around. From June to September, which is the summer period, the average temperature is 26.5°C, the winter temperature is approximately 10°C. The climate is really good.

Public transportation

The main transport in Mont-de-Marsan is the bus. You can take one evey 15 minutes to the town center. You can also use a car, the trafic is not so heavy (exept during summer).


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