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  Welcome to Nîmes

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Nîmes - The City of Roman Remains

Nîmes is a city located between the sea and the Cevennes hills. It is known as one of the most attractive towns in Mediterranean France. The city was established by the Romans, so it has numerous of Roman remains. Apart from those remains, it is worth visiting Nîmes for its attractive old city and its gardens.


If you come to Nîmes, there are 5 things you should pay a visit. First, the Maison carre, a roman temple dedicated to Emperor Augustus. It is one of the best preserved temple in the Roman world. Then, there is the Arenes, one of the most intact amphitheatres to be found in the world anywhere today. It was inspired by the Coliseum in Rome. The third one is the Carre d'Art, a museum of contemporary art. The next one is the Pond du Gard, and it is just 20 km from the city, in the North-east. It was constructed during the first century AD to supply the city with fresh water from the Eure river. The last one is Uzes, the medieval market town. There, you can find antique shops and sit in shady squares sipping coffee.


There are few clubs in Nîmes, but the squares and alleys of Old Town are full of bars. For a city with a population of only 148,000 people, the night-life is surprisingly good especially in summer.


In Nîmes, there are several well-known vineyards, including Chateau Mourgues de Gres. The best place to taste and buy local wine is at Les Caves du 41 wine shop or at the Vinotheque. You should also pay a visit to the market in rue General Perrier. This street, together with rue des Marchands and pedestrian streets in the Old Town, form the bulk of the shopping areas.


Standard time zone: UTC/GMT + 1 hour.


In Nîmes, the climate is warm and temperate, and there is much more rainfall in Winter than in Summer. The average annual temperature is 13.8 degrees Celsius and about 731 mm of precipitation falls annually.

Public transportation

In the city, as in others in France, there is the transport system train-buses. You can buy a ticket to use both during hour, and it will cost you only one Euro. And if you want a 24h ticket, it will cost you 5 Euros.


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