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  Welcome to Reims

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Reims - The city of kings

The city of Reims is a municipality situated in the North-East of France in the Champagne-Ardenne region and in Marne departement. Reims is located in the middle of European routes so its a dynamical, modern city with a diverse economy and have excellent results in research and in eduction.Reims is full of things to see and many things to do : gastronomy is renowned, champagne is a international success, art is outstanding and architecture tells a lot about history. You can see monuments from different periods of time that underline even more the wealth of the history in this town. Indeed, a lot of history events happended there. It is the city where prices became kings, handover of power. Every king of France were crowned in Reims Cathedral.


The city is well-known for its history and art. There is a lot of monuments to visit and some of them are protected by UNESCO like the Basilique Saint-Remi, The Saint-Remi museum , and the Tau Palace. There is also a lot of vineyard nature. Léo Lagrange park, La Patte d’oie park, Le Jardin d’horticulture Pierre Schneiter, or the Champagne park are beautiful to visit. Besides, champagne is a speciality here. You can visit Great Champagne Cellars and Crayères Gallo-Romans by picking a champagne, tasting it and appreciate it. You can also learn about its making. For art there is a bunch of museum you can choose from Centre d'interprétation Marne website, FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, or Musée Automobile Reims-Champagne. Thus, you can also enjoy the nature by going in the different national parcs where you can possibly hike for instance.


Reims is an university city so a lot of clubs, bars are present. At night you can enjoy Atrium Club. It is the most famous club. So you can go to the club otherwise if you are looking for something calmer you can go the “The Millenaire” or “La Vigneraie” which are gastronomic restaurants, champagne is excellent there ! If you are going between May 5th and September 11th you can discover the spectacle called “Reve de couleur”. It is a light spectacle project on the Cathedrale facade. It is absolutely amazing. A Cabaret show takes place all year long at “Le Vegas”.


In center the of the city you can enjoy brand boutiques like “Lancel Ô Sacs d'Angélique” and “Les Galeries Lafayette” so many others regular boutiques. It is a living place. You can take a walk and appreciate the art-deco that will fill you of wonder. Different events are occuring regardless the time you will go. “Champagne Collard-Picard” sells Collar-Picard champagne and articles about champagne. This shop is situated on the UNESCO world Heritage List.


Standard time zone UTC/GMT + 1 hour


In the winter the temperature can fall to 4.7 to -0.7 degrees Celsius and in summer the temperature are around 27.1 degrees celsius.

Public transportation

Reims has different public transport: tramway (dor handicap people) or buses. It is very easy to access. CITURA is the transportation network. You can use public transportation at night if a special show is going on. Do not forget to check the last public transportation. At night, only some of them are working.



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