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  Welcome to Hannover

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome to Hannover – the greenest city in Germany

Hannover at the River Leine is the capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony in Germany. It calls itself the “Expo City” or “Exhibiton City” because for the World EXPO in 2009 they built a huge exhibiton complex and now host several of the biggest exhibitions in the world. Hannover is not like a typical European city, since it's one of the cities that was hit the hardest during World War II. It has large green areas with forests and bigparks, and that's why it is the greenest city in Germany.


Herrenhäuser Gärten (Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen)
The baroque gardens of Herrenhausen were created in the 17th Garden in France and even during winter one can still see its full beauty. Recommended to visit the Royal Gardens is during the end of spring until the end of summer. Divided into one big and two smaller gardens there is enough space for everybody.

Erlebnis Zoo Hannover (Hannover's Zoo)
The Zoo of Hannover is very modern and supposed to be one of the best in Europe. It won “Best Zoo in Germany” five years in a row now. Is is home to more than 2.000 animals from all over the world, who can live in six different and impressive zoo worlds. Even though the tickets are 25€ per person, it totally is worth it for an entire day of fun. Even during winter one can experience the zoo, which then is called “Winter zoo”. A charming Christmas market with ice shows, ice skating, slides, foods & drinks and more for people of all age.

Eilenriede (Eilenriede park)
The Eilenriede park, located in the middle of the city, is a very unique park considering its size. It is 650 hectares of city forest and the biggest park in Germany. It also is twice the size as New York's Central Park.

Maschsee (Maschsee Lake)
The Maschsee Lake is a manmade lade, a Nazi project, which helped to reduce unemployment in 1933. During World War II, the Germans covered the lake and created a fake landscape – they hoped to confuse allied bomber pilots of their location during air raids over Hannover.Today, you can find rowing clubs, boat rentals, ice cream vendors, water­view restaurants and the modern art museum. You can see people excercising around its six kilometer circumderence.

Rathaus (Hannover City Hall)
The City Hall of Hannover, which was built in 1913, is the residence of the mayor, the head of the municipal administration. Also you will find the “Citizen's Office” in here. Many visitors are quite astonished to hear that the stunning building they are standing in front of is actually the “new” town hall. Its size and architectural style makes it look a lot more historical than it actually is. One important thing to know is the diagonal lift in the town hall's dome. At a 15 degree angle it covers the 43 metres up to the gallery on top of the dome. From this vantage point you can enjoy an amazing view of the whole city.


Hannover's nightlife scene is electric and astonishing. It mainly focuses on dancing, even though there are also a lot of pubs to go to, if one doesn't like dancing. Around the Central Station one can find lovely nightclubs, particularly on Raschplatz square. Clubs like Baggi, Palo Palo, Zaza and Dax are just a few of the most famous nightclubs for the locals. Some clubs offer particular events such as a foam party or a school's out party at the begin of every holiday. If one wants to participate on these kind of events they can easily buy tickets in the same evening the event will take place. Although the clubs in Hannover are mainly for the younger generation (18 – 30), people who have the desire to still go to a party, there are some nightclubs, such as Osho, which have no age limit to enter.

Theater am Aegi (Aegi Theatre)
The Aegi Theatre is a piece of culture lying in the heart of Hannover, so if one wants to expierience the more mature and classical side of Hannover, then they should definitely get tickets for the Aegi Theatre and enjoy an amazing musical, a comedy show or a concert.


Georgstraße (Georg street)
The Georgstraße in Hannover's primier boulevard is the place where people like to stroll, to see and to be seen. In an elegenat environment between Aegi and the Opera House one can find jewellery shops, smart clothes shops and other quality outlets. If you decide to walk down the Georg street the other side, you walk between Kröpke and Steintor – a street full of stores and shops. Large department stores and trendy boutiques are megnets for large numbers of customers, which come to Hannover from far beyond the boundaries of the region, because they know that a shopping trip to Hannover is always well worth while. Niki­de­Saint­Phalle Promende
The Niki­de­Saint­Phalle Promenade runs from Raschplatz/Central Station to Kröpke but one lever lower down! That exactly is what makes this shopping arcade so charming. Over the last few years the arcade, which is called “Passarelle” by the locals, has been developed and turned into a little gem


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Hannover's climate protection plan guarantees that the future developments are more energy efficient and can save resources. By around 2020, Hannover's climate protection plan aims to lower the carbon output from electrical sources by 40% (Compared to 1990). Also, Hannover has about 45.000 roadside trees that help to retain the healthy climate with 500 new ones added each year. But over the course of a year, the temperature in Hannover typically varies from ­2°C to 24°C and is rarely below ­8°C or above 30°C.

Public transportation

Hannover does have a fantastic network of public transportion, so if you plan on going there you won't need a car. If you're planning to make more than two trips by bus or subway, a day ticket is the best way to buy unlimited travel on the public transport system. Even though they can be expensive, depending on the different zones you're travelling in, with a day ticket one can save a lot of money.
If you want to travel by bicycle you will be happy to hear that bike baths are provided in almost every street that runs through the city. Also, there is no law that says you have to wear a helmet.If anyone wants to use a taxi, they should be aware of the fact, that taxis in Hannover can be quite expensive, so you're paying 20€ for just a 10 minute drive. However, it will be cheaper if you are travelling in a big group.


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