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Welcome to Athens

 Welcome to Athens the city of the antiquity


Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece is known as one of the cities who played an important role in the occidental civilisation. It is where everything has started:

-Socrates, a classical Greek Athenian is known as the founder of moral and political philosophy. Indeed, the democracy started in Athens therefore the Athenian civilization is one of the foundation of the european culture. 

-The Olympique Games are an international event including Winter and Summer sports where millions of athletes take part in. In the Greek mythology, these Olympic games were held in the honnor of Zeuz "Father of Gods" and men who rule over the Olympians of Mount Olympus. 

-Western theatre were founded in the city-state of Athens at the VI century before Christ. It is said that the theatre came from the festivals as a matter of honour of  Dionysos, God of wine and arts, and festivals.

-The Polytheism. Indeed, the Greek people were the first religion to introduce the polytheism "Poly" which mean many and "Theism" Gods it is the opposite of the Christianity or the Judaism who are Monotheism "Mono" means one and "Theism" God.  

The art of the antique Greece has had an influence on the culture and leisure; nowadays they are widespread in most part of Europe. Indeed, Athens first influences its own country afterwards Rome.  



Information in fact 

Night Life:

During the night, Athens is very alive and there are many activities to do such as nightclubs, bars, cinema ...

Most of the famous nightclubs are along the seafront and are open during summer. 


For shopping the best places to go are the markets:

Central market of Athens is a great place to save money on food. There you are going to find meat, fish, vegetables, fruits... This market is open from 8am to 6pm.  

Monastriraki flea market is one of the main shopping district. The Manostiraki Metro station is located on the square. There are two lines that serve to this place : line 1 and line 3. 

Sightseeing :

In Athenes, you will find many fascinating historic monuments:

The Tower of the wind is a magnificent work of art known as an hydraucil clock that was built by Andronicus of Cyrrhus, a Macedonian astronomer. This octogonal tower is twelve meters tall and has a diameter of 8,40 meter and 3,20 meters for each sides. It was construced in II century BC.

The Parthenon is a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. It was made out entirely by marble around 447 BC. All the statues of the goddess were kept in this temple and Athenians people used to offer their presents for the Athenians poeple believing that she was the one who protected the city. 

There are many other works of art to visit such as the Acropoli of Athens, Syntagma square, the temple of Olympian Zeuz ... 


Eastern Europeen time: UTC + 02:00 


During summer, the weather is hot and dry; the driest months of the year are on July and August. The reasons for this dry weather is because of the geografical location and also because Athens is a city very montainous.

During winter, the weather is mild. Rainfalls occur from October to April.

Public Transportation:

The main way to travel in Athens is with the underground. The transports company is a merging of three companies TRAM SA, ISAP SA, and AMEL; these three companies are now known under one name: STASY SA. Nowadays that company gather three undergrounds that travel along 57.7 km in Athens.








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