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  Welcome to Naple

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Naple- The city of history

Naples is the third-largest municipality in Italy and is the capital of the region Campania. Naples is a southern seaside Italian city. The city faces the Mediterranea and is close to the Mount Vesuvius. In Italian it's name is Napoli which means “new city”. Naples has been settled in the 6th Century B.C by the Ancient Greeks. At that time the city was called Magna Graecia because of the large amount of Greeks there. Later the southern Italy has been conquered by the Romans and they took Naples. The Roman Empire fell to invaders and Naples came under the rule of the Byzantines. Naples was merged with the Kingdom of Sicily during the Middle Ages and was the capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies but after it became independent. During the World War II, Naples was bombarded because the British and American armies wanted to capture it. Naples is today a important tourist city with many different culturally and historically significant sites. Indeed, Naples is the largest historic city centre in Europe because of the 27 centuries of history. Moreover, UNESCO listed Naples as a World Heritage Site. The city has becamo one of the favourite destinations of tourists who want to spend their holidays in artistic and historical cities.


In Naples you will find the historic centre which is the prime tourist attraction and is beautiful with barouque churches, many greco-romans ruins like the the Cemetery of the Fontanelle, the Neapolitan Crypt, the Cave of Seiano. You will also have to visit the Naples Archaeological Museum which contains many Roman artifacts coming from Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum. Moreover, Nature Reserve of the State "Astroni" WWF oasis is located between Naples and Pozzuoli. This WWF oasis is a crater called Astroni and it's an important part of the protected wildlife. Indeed you will find there some birdlife observers and many natural paths. By going there you will discover so many beautiful places!


Naples has one of the most animated and lively nightlife in Italy. The city combined very well the cultural life with it's vivacity. Being a student city Naples has plenty of bars and there are many clubs. Some of them close in summer in order to move to out-of-town beach locations. Apart from clubs and bars, there are so many Neapolitans who love nightlife so you can find there operas, live music shows, theatres and dance productions.


Shopping in Naples is mostly concentrated in the Chiaia neighbourhood. The local and artisanal shops are mainly located in Scarlatti street or in the old town. Moreover, there are also markets every day where you can find handicrafts and so many artisanal products.


Standard time zone : GMT + 2 hours


The hottest month in Naples is July with an average temperature of 25°C and the coldest is January at 9°C. Moreover, the best month to swim is in August when the average sea temperature is 26°C.

Public transportation

There is a large range of transport options to get you all around the city. You can use bus, tram, metro, funicular railway to cross the city. You have to know that the area that visitors want to see is a compact area and when you will use public transport it will be for very short journeys. Moreover, many visitors will not need transport at all because visitors can cross the city by foot.

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