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  Welcome to Glasgow

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome to Istanbul – The City of Two Continents

Glasgow was a small salmon-fishing village back almost two thousand years. The city has been founded by a christian missionary and became an important religious place. In 1451 the Glasgow University make Glasgow best know has a University City. Many merchands have gained weath, with the impotation of sugar, rum and tobacco, during the 18th century. During the next  two centuries, the existents of deposits of coal and iron ore in the region is experiencing the city. Today Glasgow welcome tourist from all over the world.
Glasgow is a city and municipality in southern Scotland, United Kingdom. It's situated on the banks of the River Clyde and according to the latest records places the total population of 590.507 inhabitants, the urban population has 1.75 million people and 2.55 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. As curiosities, it's the largest city in Scotland and third in the UK. Being a hub of trade, business, industry, media and transport of Glasgow Scotland is one of the twenty most important financial centers in Europe.



Glasgow offer exciting bus tours, wisky tours and walking tours, if you want visit the region this is the best way to do it. Relaxed you on one of the parks or gardens and enjoy the see that offer some of them.You can also visit museum or if you prefergo go on the Theatre Royal you welcome the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet andthe Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Necropolis a point that all dare not visit but which is special for its beauty. On a hill east of Glasgow and the Scottish city cemetery .It is one of the few cemeteries have a report on the dead, with their age, occupation and cause of death.
Glasgow Cathedral ­ High Kirk it was built in 1136 by the King David, although was destroyed many times and now it has a dark colour due to contamination of the city.
George Square, It is the major square of Glasgow and the meeting place must for city dwellers and tourists who visit. It has a lot of statues of famous people of British culture
Gallery of Modern Art, it was a center of trade and business for 100 years, where information and goods are traded. Today, GUM follows the philosophy of exchange and has become a center for people to gather, analyze their artistic skills and learn. Inside the gallery, you'll see a corner with folios and paintings to make your self­portrait and on the top floor give art classes.
It's free. They open at 10:00 am (except weekends opening 1h later) and close at 17.00h (except Thursday, which closed at 20.00h).
The Cameras, is the heart of its city, because is the most important symbol of Glasgow. It has views to the George Square, is a beautiful building inaugurated by the Queen Victory. Around it there are many gardens and statues
Tradeston Bridge, was opened a couple of years ago and is pedestrian area Tradeston connects with the city center. At the same time you can enjoy the beautiful views from the river,recently arranged.


Glasgow has an importante art and culture scene, during your trip you should make a turn at King' Tuts Was Wat Hut, who has support some famous music artist like Oasis, My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Florence & The Machine and many more. But if you prefer create a bond with the local go to Glasgow West End where you gonna find clubs, bars and traditional bars.
In Glasgow there is a group of restaurants and quite good and nice to go shopping is the Harvester,a pub and a restaurant is on Paisley Road, in a place called Springfield Quay.In one of the most important street called Buchanan Street, there is a wonderful mall in which you will find a Spanish bar "barça" is also a restaurant. If you love taste it different plates of food, this will be perfect for you because this bar is for take some dishes and share them with someone. This kind of restaurants and pubs are common in Spain.


In terms of shopping Glasgow offers everything you can dream, after London it's the more important shopping city on Britain, here independant boutiques stand alongside popular shops. The city have malls at Braehead and Silverburn. You may need to buy something, give back or look clothing stores, the perfect place for all this is "The buchanan galleries", some traders galleries central Glasgow, Scotland. Apart from London, Glasgow is the best place in the UK for shopping, the offer is impressive, prices much lower than in London, especially to stay and eat part of shopping, and instead of having to run all over town, it is quite convenient as the shopping district is concentrated in 4 blocks from downtown. Another place to find appealing things is in Glasgow Central Station is cute, has plenty of shops,which give animation. They are cute premises with painted wood, it does not seem to be a station. People come for a drink, but do not take the train. There is a Marks and Spencer to buy food for your a trip Boots, a drugstore chain, and sells health products, hygiene and beauty as well as several coffees, pubs, flower shop and takeaways.


Time zone: GMT (UTC±00:00)


The climate in Glasgow is a marine west coat climate that is mild with warm summer, no dry season and moderate seasonnality. The best month to go in Glasgow are July and August.The weather in Glasgow is not the typical found in the rest of Scotland and England has an oceanic climate that is received well distributed rainfall throughout the year. The city has a humid climate usually because it is protected by the hills, keeping the city fairly humid throughout the year. The temperature is usually more moderate than the rest of the country. In general, the temperature is similar to that of Northern England. In Scotland, the climate is changing.

Public transportation

Glasgow is easily accessible by road, train, bus, ferry and metro. If you want make a turn around the city the same means of transport are available you can also use the subway. Glasgow Central Station is the largest city in Scotland, and the UK, has several train companies, which manages Glasgow Central Station is Network Rail.It is the busiest station of the United Kingdom, after London. It was reformed to have more traffic capacity and tourists, growing more and be industrial city.The train is the best way to go to Edinburgh, it takes 50 minutes and costs 10 pounds, the return to more penalties.


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