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  Welcome to Istanbul

  Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome to Istanbul – The City of Two Continents

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, it is surrounded by two seas, the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. The Western half of the city is situated in Europe while the Eastern half is situated in Asia. The city, which have a history dating back 300.000 years, is a culturemosaic. When staying in Instabul you can discover its unique integration of architectural masterpieces that reflect the meeting of Europe and Asia over many centuries. Istanbul's incomparable skyline formed by the creative genius of Byzantine and Ottoman architects gives a spectacular atmosphere that you will never forget.


Istanbul is where continents collide. You'll find Asia (east) and Europe (west) or like they call it “Eurasia” at one place. It's one of the most popular cities in Turkey. Istanbul is also known as Constantinople and Byzantium which had a big historical influence. It's a cultura mosiac city,because of his history. Istanbul is surrounded by the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. When staying in Istanbul you'll find architectural masterpieces. These architectural and cultural buildings are inspired by the architects during the Byzantine and Ottoman history. These creations give Istanbul that special touch and can bring you back in time.


Istanbul has incredible architectural monuments, such as the Blue Mosque with its magnificent architecture. There are many architectural building like: Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque. Other than that, you're surrounded by historical monuments which you can walk through. Famous for its size and its structure in the shape of dome, Hagia Sophia is one of the most popular attractions of Istanbul. This magnificent building gives you a panel of culture and religion. You can visit the museum and it will leave you an impression you would never forget. Galata Tower give a panoramic view of Istanbul where you can see the world moves.


Istanbul never sleeps at night. The most common area to go party on Fridays and Saturdays is the Beyoglu district. In Istanbul you can find everything from rooftop bars and raucous indie clubs to basement jazz cafes and grungy rock bars, from traditional Turkish folk venues to über-cool dance clubs, Beyoglu is Istanbul’s heart and soul. There are many pubs which are spread all over the city. You can also have a dinner and a drink around the Bosphorus Strait, with an amazing view. If you wish to go clubbing, there are different themes around that, so you can choose to go what is more linked with your personality.


Istanbul is a shopping paradise, from antique shops and chic boutiques to shopping centers.
The two biggest shopping Cevahir and Istinye Park have over 300 shops each.
You can find also three big shopping streets Bagdat Caddesi, Istiklal Shops and Nisantasi Abdi Ipekci Caddesi Istanbul is the right place to shop. Istanbul has a big advance of being a city of two continents. You can find two different culture, which is combine in the Turkish culture, back in the stores. Cevahir and Istinve Park are the two biggest shopping mall, with over 300 shops each. Besides the malls, they also have different shopping streets like Bigdat Caddesi, Istiklal Shops and Nisantasi Abdi Ipekci Caddesi.


UTC/GMT +2 hours


The summer months between in Istanbul are very hot and the humidity is very high with anaverage temperature of 28 C. The winter season in Istanbul is cold and sometimes with strong wind, but the temperature remains above the freezing point.

Public transportation

It is easiest to see Istanbul by foot. Otherwise there is a cheap public transport network consisting of buses, trams. The best way to travel is to take a taxi, cheap and comfortable.


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